What causes cellulite?

What causes cellulite?  First we have to know what is cellulite.  Cellulite is the dreaded dimpled appearance of the skin, also known as orange peel skin that mostly women struggle with.  Cellulite is actually just a picture on the outside of what goes on in the inside of the body.

So the question most people ask is, is it just because I am fat?

If it is just fat, then why do skinny people have cellulite?

The answer is a bit more complicated; here is what I have found out when I tried to figure out what causes cellulite.


What causes cellulite?What Causes Cellulite in Legs:

I could not find any definite answer to, ‘What causes cellulite?’,  but these are things that may play a role in cellulite production.  One thing is for certain it is not just diet and exercise, or the lack there of that plays a role in what causes cellulite.

Hormonal Factors:

Estrogen, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin is said to likely play a role.

Genetic Factors:

Hereditary factors like skin thickness, race, and gender play a role.  The skin is also the largest elimination organ of the body.

Lymphatic System:

Does your body get rid of toxins effectively or do you have a sluggish lymphatic system?

Body Type:

There is a school of thought that some body types have a tendency to be more prone to having cellulite.  If you carry most of your fat just under your skin you will be more prone to have cellulite.

Blood Type:

Your blood type might determine if your body are more prone to have cellulite.


Do you have a healthy diet?  Do you eat low or high fat diet?  Do you drink dairy or carbonated drinks?  How much salt and fiber do you have in your diet?  How many carbohydrates in your diet?  Do you eat a gluten-free diet?  All theses questions play a role in the answer, to the question what causes cellulite.


Do you regularly workout or not at all?

Lifestyle Factors:

Do you smoke?  Do you sit or stand in one position for long periods of time?  Important factors in what causes cellulite.


Do you wear tight clothing that might constrict blood flow?


Are you prone to be constipated?


What causes cellulite? As you can see that there is a lot of factors that influence your body to produce cellulite, and some of them you cannot change, so let’s focus on what we can do.


How can cellulite be reduced or removed?


So now that we know what causes cellulite, here is some way that cellulite can be reduced or removed:

Creams/pills and potions:

I really don’t have the knowledge to know if there are some of these that might be effective.  From what I have read most of these only have a temporary effect on cellulite.  Often very expensive and then you are let down when you don’t get the desired results.

Creams are used on the outside of the body and often contain collagen, (Collagen helps the connective layer of the skin stay tight.)  These are ineffective; it is much better to use nutrients like minerals and anti-oxidants to help the body increase collagen production.

Even liposuction does not remove cellulite.

Cellulite reduction massages:

This is a natural technique that can help with cellulite elimination.  These massagers get deep below the surface of the skin, helping to increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system.  It also helps tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Remember to drink water after a massage, or if you are using  massagers at home, to eliminate the toxins from system.  This is not a permanent solution.  You will have to do this often to keep your skin looking good.  Using massaging with oils, are even more effective because the moisture will help with a smoother skin.

Healthy diet and exerciseDiet:

If you eat clean and follow a healthy diet, you will find that you have more energy and it definitely helps with having a better circulation and thus less cellulite.  Eating healthy also helps with detoxification, giving you better skin in general.

Eliminating dairy, carbonated water and too much fat in your diet if you are prone to have cellulite is an important factor in your goal to eliminate cellulite.   Not overdoing it on salty food will also help.  If you have trouble with constipation, make sure that you have enough fiber in your system.  Fiber not only helps with regularity but it also detox the body.

Eating a balanced diet, with complex carbohydrates will help combat your cellulite problem.  Simple carbohydrates tend to make matters worse when you have cellulite.


Exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet.  Regular exercise will make you lose weight and gain muscle. Increased muscle tone will help your skin appear smoother.

Exercise can reduce stress that is said to also increase cellulite.  So you can see that diet and exercise, although not the only reason defnitely plays a big part in what causes cellulite.

Dry brushingSkin brushing:

Apparently this technique is well-known in Europe, do they have the answer to what causes cellulite?  I think that dry brushing is definitely part of the answer.  Using a natural bristle brush to dry brush the body, starting at the extremities and making sure you brush, following the lymphatic system, towards the heart.  If you cannot tolerate the dry brush, you can use soap and water in the shower with your brush.

Dry brushing is help to tighten and strengthen the skin; it exfoliates to help make the skin smoother and healthier.   Helping to eliminate toxins from the body.  If you dry brush make sure to take a shower after and moisturize the skin.

Supplements: An easy way to help against, what causes cellulite:

Caffeine – It has been proved to be helpful in the elimination of cellulite.

Gingko Biloba – Increases circulation and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Seaweed – Some people uses seaweed because they oxygenate the skin.

Amino acids – They help rebuild collagen in the skin.  Helps your body against the factors that causes cellulite.

Alfalfa – Feed your skin and body with this plant-based protein.  Helps to eliminate water, it also feed collagen and that helps with the connective tissue layer of the skin stay strong.


Now that you know more about what causes cellulite it is important to remember that you need to work with what you can, and with what works for you.

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What causes cellulite?

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  1. What a helpful article thanks!

    I have noticed since doing beachbody workouts that i have reduced my cellulite as i am not masking or fixing but i am burning up the fat in the body and changing the tone of the skin – it’s an unexpected bonus to the workouts – i think you have to lose more than 10% of your own body fat in order to begin to shift it.. but that has been possible for me!

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